Our approach

We deliver a tangible and innovative solution for our customers within a few weeks.



We are true entrepreneurs we act on your project as if it was our own.



We use a unique combination of:
  • Design Thinking
• Neuroscience
• Coaching



Our clients need to move fast and deliver.
Cut-the-crap and no-nonsense are part of our approach.

Get a taste of the wowlab experience


What you can expect of us

Workshops: deeply participative & pragmatic

This is a big part of how we advise and accompany you.
It represents 80% of the time we spend on all projects: we spend it with you!
That’s where we add most value. We know our topics and we don’t waste time on fancy slides & preparation.

Tangible deliverables: adding direct value to your business

You need to work on your branding. 
What you really need? A strong, powerful, commercial presentation with a delightful visual identity.
At the beginning of each project, we define together what is the end deliverable – and we make it wow.

Accompaniment: we make sure you got it!

You have implemented a new customer journey.
One hic: yesterday, a client called and you heard your employee ask if he can call the client back – since he is on a coffee break.
You are ready for your organisation to be 100% customer-centric. Your team? Not so much.
That’s ok. All our projects come with a 3-month accompaniment.

Pricing: yes, you can afford it

You might be thinking: wow! That sounds like something I should/ want to do. But I haven’t seen a budget, and those guys are probably too expensive. Wanna bet?
We have different packages: from group-workshops to private consulting missions, to meet your needs.

Get a taste of the wowlab experience